Prof. Eiji Ohtani

Head of the Laboratory

Ph.D. 1978, Nagoya

Research interests: High pressure experiments in Earth and planetary sciences,
metal-silicate partitioning and core formation of the planet, deep water cycle



Prof. Konstantin Litasov

Leading staff scientist,
deputy Head of the Laboratory

Ph.D. 1998, Novosibirsk

Research interests: High-pressure - high-temperature experimental mineralogy.
Volatiles in the Earth. Thermodynamic and ab initio modeling of geomaterials.
Superdeep mantle rocks and inclusions. High-pressure minerals in meteorites.
High-pressure synthesis and characterization of carbon-based materials.


Prof. Dmitry Zedgenizov

Leading staff scientist

Ph.D. 1999, Novosibirsk

Research interests: Mineralogical and geochemical characterization
of diamonds and diamond-bearing rocks


Prof. Anton Shatskiy

Leading staff scientist

Ph.D. 2003, Novosibirsk

Research interests: Phase relations in carbonate systems
and mechanism of carbonate melt transport in the Earth's mantle


Alexander Yelisseyev

Leading staff scientist

Ph.D. 1977, Novosibirsk

Research interests: Optical spectroscopy and crystal optics;
investigation of defects in crystals


Pavel Gavryushkin

Senior staff scientist

Ph.D. 2009, Novosibirsk

Research interests: High-pressure crystallography, ab-initio calculations
of phase transitions


Anna Likhacheva

Senior staff scientist

Ph.D. 2003, Novosibirsk

Research interests: High-pressure - high temperature studies of solid state
transformations in minerals using diamond anvil cell


Inna Safonova

Senior staff scientist

Ph.D. 2005, Novosibirsk

Research interests: Geochemistry, petrology and volcanology,
geochronology, plate tectonics



Anna Dymshits

Staff scientist

Ph.D. 2012, Moscow

Research interests: Thermodynamic properties of high pressure phases,
phase relations in garnet systems


Sergey Lobanov

Staff scientist

Ph.D. 2011, Novosibirsk

Research interests: Chemical and physical transformations
in geophysically relevant systems (fluid and solid)
at high pressure and temperature


Igor Sharygin

Staff scientist

Ph.D. 2014, Novosibirsk

Research interests: Kimberlites and related rocks, mantle xenoliths
and their minerals


Ivan Bazhan

Staff scientist

Ph.D. 2003, Novosibirsk

Research interests: Investigation of high pressure phases
in chondritic meteorites


Sergey Rashchenko

Staff scientist

M.Sc. 2012, Novosibirsk

Research interests: Crystal chemistry, in situ high-pressure experiments,
deep water cycle


Taisia Alifirova

Junior staff scientist

Ph.D. 2015, Novosibirsk

Research interests: solid solutions, mantle minerals,
petrology and geochemistry of the Earth's interiors


Alexander Khmelnikov


Engineer-geologist 1972, Tomsk